Alex Rodriguez among the potential New York Mets buyers

Former baseball star Alex Rodriguez is being mentioned among the potential buyers of the New York Mets, it’s being reported. Let’s dive into these news and see what’s going on, while we prepare for you some good picks and parlays.

Most probably you already know that the Mets should have a new owner soon. The Wilpon family decided to sell the team which they own since 2002. It was believed that they had a solid agreement with the hedge fund investor Steve Cohen, but this deal didn’t go through. According to the detials of the deal, Steve Cohen would have been the new owner of the Mets, but the Wilpon family would have continued to have control over the team for the next five years.

The 44-years old Alex Rodriguez is a true baseball legend. He spent most of his career at the New York Yankees, playing in the MLB for 22 seasons. He’s World Series champion in 2009 and two time Gold Glove Award winner.

There’s no doubt that A-Rod and his fiancee Jennifer Lopez are pretty rich, but arguably they would be just minor investors in the Mets. The sale price of the team could reach $3 billion and that’s too much for Rodriguez and Lopez to pay. But they could have some part in the ownership, similar to Derek Jeter’s involvement with the Marlins.

Despite of being a New York Yankees legend, it’s not a secret that Alex Rodriguez grew up supporting the Mets. It’s believed that in a certain moment he was even close to joining them.

We will keep an eye on this situation and we will inform you what’s going on with the sale of the New York Mets. In the same time keep up with our picks and parlays which guarantee success.