Carolina Panthers’ Wes Horton calls it a day

Carolina Panthers are saying goodbye today to the defensive veteran Wes Horton who announced his retirement via social media. Although being just 30-years old, Horton decided that he does not want to continue for at least one more season. Keep up with our free nfl expert picks as well.

In his statement to the fans Wes Horton says that he decided to retire because of being worried about his health. He explained that all of the injuries he suffered through the years are now giving him some hard time. Horton also stated that he now wants to “mentor and teach the next generation”. Clearly he’s not just going to chill with all the money he have won during his professional career.

Now Wes Horton expects to start a coaching career focused on the defensive line. He’s expected to start working at his former school – the Notre Dame High School in California.

Wes Horton is not the only veteran who is leaving the Panthers after the last season. Ron Rivera got sacked in December, while Luke Kuechly also announced retirement. Greg Olsen announced he’s leaving the team during the Super Bowl week.

The Panthers’ fans will remember Wes Horton fondly. He spent 7 years at the team, having played in 83 games in total. In 2019 he spent a short period of time with the New Orleans Saints, but he quickly returned to Carolina.

Meanwhile the Panthers did some business on the market. The team decided to sign again the running back Reggie Bonnafon, who signed for one year. For him it’s going to be his third season in the NFL.

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