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NFL betting: Why home field is really important in the NFL

Today in our picks and parlays for the NFL we want to discuss why the home field advantage is really important in american footbal. This is something which you have to take into account everytime you put a bet. Here’s why. Nobody could really argue that most of the NFL teams play better at home than at the road. It’s valid for every other sport as well. For example, we can remind you that...
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An important reminder for your NFL betting: be smart, not emotional

The new NFL season already kicked off, so it’s time once again to test our skills with some good American football betting. This sport is really exciting, which makes betting on it exciting as well. Today we would like to offer you a really important advice in our picks and parlays for the NFL. With the years we’ve noticed that a lot of people are repeating the same mistake all over again:...
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