Four reasons why the Giants and Jets could do better this season

Both New York Giants and New York Jets had a pretty sad last season in the National Football League last season. The Giants went 5-11, while the Jets did even worse with a 4-12 record in 2018. Now both teams are hoping of a better regular season in the league, although maybe it’s too much to talk about reaching the playoffs. Here are four reasons why these two teams could do better this season, provided to you by our NFL pick predictions.

Two great running backs in action

The Jets’ Le’Veon Bell enters the field for a first time since 600 days, while the Giants’ Saquon Barkley is ready to do even better after the 1,307 rushing yards he recorded last year. These two players could be vital for both teams during the regular season.

A new coach who hopes to revive the Jets’s offence

New York Jets are starting the new season with a new coach on board. This is Adam Gase, who was hired in January in order to improve the team. He’s regarded as a quarterback master, having worked with talents like Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler. What can he do with Sam Darnold?

Kaare Vedvik – a new kicker who hopes to impress for the Jets

During the year New York Jets had the task to find a new kicker. It finally happened after the Vikings took the decision to release Kaare Vedvik after his unconvincing performance in the first two preseason games. If Vedvik starts showing what he can do again, then the Jets would have a good weapon.

Dexter Lawrence could impress for the Giants

New York Giants were not happy with the fact that last year they recorded just 30 sacks. This is the reason why they took the decision to draft Dexter Lawrence. With a weight of 342 and some great athleticism he can be proud of, Dexter Lawrence could seriously improves some aspects of the Giants’ performance.

These are four reasons why New York Giants and New York Jets could have a better regular season in the NFL this year. For more NFL pick predictions, keep up with us.