Golden State Warriors: Season Preview

Can the Golden State Warrios be a title contender once again in the NBA? Many pundits claim they can’t. Too many problems there – injuries, changes in their roster, wear – maybe this is the over for them. But is this really the case? Let’s discuss this subject in our NBA free picks today.

The Warriors’ core remains constructed by the trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Most likely Thompson won’t play until the All-Star Break, but the Warriors will try to effectively replace him with D’Angelo Russell.

That’s fine, but the Warriors’ biggest concern remains their bench. When they were ruling the NBA, crushing everybody, one of their biggest weapons was their incredible bench and its depth. Now it’s not the case anymore. On paper the Golden State Warriors have some quality players who can do the role, but many of them are not really known for their consistency.

We believe that this season the Golden State Warriors won’t be able to challenge for the title, because it seems that their dynasty as the rulers of NBA is already over. But despite of this, we still see them as a Top 5 team in the league.

One of the most interesting faces in the Warriors’ roster right now is the new signing D’Angelo Russell. If he manages to show what he’s truly capable of, maybe the injury of Klay Thompson will be something which the Warrios could deal with.

After the end of the last season the Golden State Warriors said goodbye to Kevin Durant, who chose to continue his career at the Brooklyn Nets. It remains to be seen how this departure is going to affect the former champions in the long term.

This is what we expect from the Golden State Warriors for the new season in the NBA. We believe that they are still a very good team, but maybe not a title contender anymore. Keep it up with us for more NBA free picks today.