How to Bet Successfully

If you want to be successful bettor and really to make long term profit from betting with us there are some rules that you really must follow and be disciplined:

  1. Once you start with our professional team you have to choose bigger package of tips to be cheaper for you, and when you start betting with us we strongly recommend to follow our picks every single day without pauses, we may have bad periods and very very good periods – still the same no pauses, you must follow the bets and bet with our simple algorithm for bank management of the bets.
  2. About profit – you can place your bets in a different way. First option is to play with flat stakes of bet – this means every day to put equal stake of bet no matter the result previous day is lose or win – this method is suitable for highrollers and people with huge betting bankroll because this is secure bank management but profit will be with smaller percentage. Second option is to play with level staking and increasing of the stake after loss, so here for example when we lose we start to increase our stake of bet until we win, the idea is when win to cover all the loss and make clear profit and on the next day we again start with the initial stake of bet – this method is suitable for people who have enough bankroll to increase stake after loss – here you must make very good calculations how much must be your initial stake of bet and how much to increase stake according to your bankroll, according to the daily odd of the picks, here percentage of profit is bigger every single month.

Hope this text to be read by serious bettors who understand and see the value in our work and hope to work seriously in a long term and with our knowledge and your discipline to work together in a long term and simply to make profit from betting !