July 31 targeted as the date for the NBA return

This is the news we were waiting for. The NBA could resume action on July 31. It’s being reported that the NBA’s Board of Governors should approve the date on Thursday. Honestly, we can’t wait the season to resume so we could start again, giving you our excellent NBA free picks.

The CBS reports that most likely, the NBA’s Board of Governors will pick July 31 as the date for the big return. That’s part of Adam Silver’s recommendation for the format under which the 2019/20 season will continue.

According to the plan, the current NBA season will be finished at the Disney World. The July 31 date means that the league still has some time to organize its proposal perfectly. Of course, these two months will be crucial to get the players back to the best possible fitness.

If the season resumes July 31, this will lead to some logistical problems for the next campaign, though. It’s rumored that the 2020/21 could start on Christmas, which means that the players would have a really short time for vacation and preparation. As you can suggest, this could lead to a more significant risk of injuries. But as someone already said, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no such thing as the perfect solution right now. The league, the teams, and the players have to adapt to what’s currently happening. That’s the only way.

We must end this article, reminding you what nothing is decided or official just yet. Just after a few days, we expect some critical decisions, so let’s wait and see.

How we said, we can’t wait for the season to resume. You can be sure that we will keep providing you with our excellent NBA free picks. The truth is that we just can’t live without the basketball and the NBA is the best there is. Nobody can deny this!