MLB owners agree to a 2020 plan. 82 game season proposed

The talks about the resuming of the 2020 MLB season continue. On Monday it was announced that all of the league’s 30 owners agreed to a plan how this must happen. Now the MLB started negotiations with the Players Association as well, it was reported. We can’t wait the season to resume, so we could keep giving you our professional MLB picks.

Let’s get back to the negotiations between the MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and the teams’ owners. Here’s what they agreed to:

It’s been reported that the first talks between the league and the players were held on Tuesday, but so far there’s no deal between the two sides. The discussions will continue until a deal is reached, CBS reports.

One of the biggest hurdles in the negotiations is going to be the revenue split. The league and owners will look for a way to reduce their losses because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of fans at the stands. That’s why the MLB and the owners are looking for some kind of additional pay reductions. It’s still not clear how the Players Association will respond to this.

It’s an interesting fact that while revenue sharing deals are pretty normal thing in leagues like the NFL, the NHL and the NBA, it’d be a completely new thing for the MLB.

We hope there’s going to be a deal soon, because these negotiations won’t be easy. As soon as the league starts again, you can be sure that we will be giving you our professional MLB picks.