MLB strategy: A hit on the next at bat

Baseball is a marvelous sport and it’s pretty normal that so many people love to bet on it. But if you’re pretty new to the game, we guess you’d need some help to to know it better. That’s why we are helping you with our mlb picks tutorials, where we explain to you different strategies you can use in order to enjoy some nice profit.

Today we are going to talk about one really simple baseball betting strategy – is a certain team going to get a hit while their next at bat. It’s a simple wager, because you have two options to bet on – “yes” or “no”.

According to the stats, the average batter hits the ball less than three times out of 10. The statistics from Baseball Reference are showing us that in 2017 the batting average was just .255. That’s pretty low, yes.

The simple logis says that you have a bigger chance if you bet that the team in question won’t get a hit in their next appearance at the plate. Most likely you’re also going to notice that when the bottom of the lineup is coming up, the odds are also getting lower.

This strategy could be really nice, because you have the realistic chance to turn long odds in good profits.

Of course, this is not as easy as it probably sounds. There are still some factors you need to consider, before placing your bet. For example, you have to consider if the batter who is about to swing is usually doing good against this pitcher or not. Sometimes specific hitters are doing well against specific pitchers, no matter if the one is a big star and the other one is not.

What you can do is look for some statistics, which can tell you something interesting about this “hitter vs. pitcher” tendencies.

That’s our mlb picks for today. We talked with you about an interesting strategy, you can try the next time you decide to bet on the beautiful game of baseball. Good luck!