NBA Betting Strategies Which You Should Not Ignore

You are getting ready to enter the exciting universe of NBA betting? Well, congrats! This is one of the most fascinating leagues in sports, so we are pretty sure you are about to having a lot of fun. Today in our free sports picks we will discuss with you four very clever NBA strategies you can import in your arsenal. Let’s begin.

Rested Teams vs. Tired Teams

That’s pretty obvious one, isn’t it? The NBA season is really long and you will see a lot of opportunities to support a well rested team against a team which is having a busy schedule. Playing back-to-back matches is not an easy thing, especially when you’re on the road and you have to travel around the continent as well.

Four games in five days? Not the best thing in the world.

Sometimes teams have to deal with a ridiculous schedule like playing four games in five days of time. That’s pretty serious, no doubt about that. If you pick a team to lose on its fourth game for five days you have a solid bet.

Road favourites after a serious loss

That’s a pretty smart strategy. Here you are looking for a team which is usually pretty good on the road and which have suffered a heavy loss in the game before. In most of the cases these teams are very motivated to bounce back and prove their worth.

Underdogs at home of more than ten points

That’s a bet you can see being played a lot by experienced bettors. Usually teams in this situation manage to rise up and being competitive to their opponents. Although in most of the cases they are not winning, they are still covering the point spread.

That’s the four essential NBA strategies we decided to present you in our free sports picks for today. Try some of these and we are sure you are going to enjoy some success.