NFL betting: Why home field is really important in the NFL

Today in our picks and parlays for the NFL we want to discuss why the home field advantage is really important in american footbal. This is something which you have to take into account everytime you put a bet. Here’s why.

Nobody could really argue that most of the NFL teams play better at home than at the road. It’s valid for every other sport as well. For example, we can remind you that between 2014 and 2018 the New England Patriots went 42-6 in their home games. That’s pretty impressive, rght?

The time change is a solid factor for this advantage for the home teams. For example, teams from the East Coast have to play three hours later than they’re used to when they enter the Pacific Coast.

In another example, between 2014 and 2018 San Francisco 49ers were 9-31 when playing away from home. Some teams are just finding it really difficult to play on the road, while other are just better than usual at home. Before placing a bet, always check out for tendencies like this in the teams involved.

Another thing to consider is where the teams in question played in the week before. Be aware that if they had a long trip to a place with a different time zone, then tiredness and lack of freshness could become a real thing.

And one final thing to consider: some indoor teams are having a real trouble to play outdoor. In cases like this, some teams’ passers ratings could drop when playing outdoor. It happens more often than you think.

That’s our picks and parlays for the NFL regarding the home field advantage in the NFL. This is a real thing, so don’t underrestimate it. Be aware of this everytime you place your bet.