Prediction: Miami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Welcome once again to our premium NFL picks. Today we are going to discuss the game between Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers and give you our thoughts about it. Are you ready?

According to Bet MGM, the Steelers remain strong favourites to win against the Dolphins. So far they have just two wins since the start of the season in the NFL, but look at the Dolphins – they are currently 0-6 in the league, which is pretty terrible.

One of the biggest reasons to think that Pittsburgh Steelers are going to win this one is because of their injury-free team at the moment. For a first time for a while, they don’t have injured players. The quarterback Mason Rudolph returns at the pitch, while in same time the Steelers continue to do better and better in defense, which is a good progression for them.

Speaking of improvement, we can’t deny that the Dolphins are getting a little bit better in attack lately. While they averaged just 6.5 points in their four games, in their last two fixtures the Dolphins managed to score 37 points in total. Although this didn’t help them to record a win, that’s a good way to progress and make a step in the right direction.

One of the Miami Dolphins’ biggest concerns before this game is the knee injury which troubles the quarterback Xavien Howard. Meanwhile Bobby McCain is recovering from a shoulder injury.

In our premium NFL picks we can make the conclusion that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the favourites here and most likely they will take the win. What’s worrying us here is that it might be not worthwile to play it because of the little return you would get. Of course, you can try to bet on a possible Miami Dolphins uspet, which would give you a much higher return for your money.