Preview: New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills

New England Patriots host Buffalo Bills at the Gillette Stadium in a clash from the 16th week of the regular season in the NFL. Stay with us because we will offer you our free nfl expert picks for this fixture on Saturday.

The New England Patriots are currently 11-3, leading the standings in the AFC East. Meanwhile Buffalo Bills are second in the standings with a record of 10-4, so these two teams can get even more close to each other after few days. The playoff positioning is on the line now, so for both teams that’s a pretty crucial game.

The Patriots and the Bills already met once during the 4th week of the season when the Patriots enjoyed a 16-10 win. Now they are playing to win their 11th consecutive division title, which is pretty impressive. A win on Saturday is also going to increase their chances of eventually getting a first round bye during the playoffs.

But the Patriots have some food for thought before the fixture. The Buffalo Bills are showing some serious improvement in defense lately, while the Patriots are not performing very impressive in attack. Led by their legendary quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots are not at the offensive levels they would like to find themselves at. The Bills’ defense right now is so good that the Patriots must improve in significant way in order to beat it. Of course, even the draw would allow the Patriots to win the division again, but playing for a tie would be a pretty risky thing to do.

Right now the New England Patriots are enjoying six consecutive wins over the Buffalo Bills, which probably makes the Bills a little bit nervous. Can they stop this negative tendency to lose all of the time against the Patriots? We shall wait and see.

That’s our quick free nfl expert picks for the game between the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East. We wish you good luck.