The Back-to-Back System: NBA betting strategy, backed by the stats

There are many different strategies and systems you can try when betting on the NBA – the most famous and exciting basketball league on the planet. Although we are usually perfectly aware who are the strongest and the weakest teams in the NBA, placing the winning bet there is not as easy as it seems. The reason for this is the fact that many surprising results are destined to happen. In today’s free guaranteed sports picks we are going to discuss a system which you can use for the NBA – the Back-to-Back System. Let’s go.

NBA is one of the professional sports leagues where the teams sometimes have to play in the “back-to-back” schedule. It means that they have a game just 24 hours after their previous one. This is not an easy thing, because the players do not have enough time to recover in the best way possible.

When it comes to betting, the most important information is this: some teams struggle more than others, when it comes to back-to-back games. In 2016 the analytics experts from numberFire made a research, which showed this:

What the experts recommend is to pay attention to location, which is a pretty big factor when it comes to back-to-back games, too. The researches are showing that teams which are playing their second games away from home are suffering more defeats.

This is our quick explanation of the Back-to-Back System, which you can use during your NBA bets. For even more useful info like this, be sure to follow closely our free guaranteed sports picks.