The Los Angeles Chargers and Travis Benjamin officially part ways

The reciever Travis Benjamin is no more a part of the Los Angeles Chargers, it was confirmed today. The NFL team and the player agreed to part ways via a mutual consent. Let’s take a look at these news while we prepare some free nfl expert picks for you.

This move by the Chargers is not surprising as they are parting ways with some other veteran players as well. Travis Benjamin spent four seasons with the team. When the new league year begins Benjamin will be oficially a free agent.

We have to remind you that last season Travis Benjamin agreed to a restructure as he added a void year to his contract and took a pay cut. What followed after this was not his best season as he played in just 5 games in the NFL. In these five games Benjamin managed to catch six passes and made no touchdown.

Travis Benjamin’s breakout season came in 2015 when he still played for the Cleveland Browns. During this campaign he recorded 966 yards and made five touchdowns, proving his worth on the pitch.

In 2016 Travis Benjamin signed his contract with the Los Angeles Chargers who wanted to make him a complement to Keenan Allen. In his first season with the Chargers Benjamin made some good stats, but in overall his performance in the next three years is not what the team and the fans expected of him. During the past two seasons he missed 15 games in total and his influence on the games he played in was quite limited.

That’s the fresh news about the Los Angeles Chargers and the reciever Travis Benjamin. Stick to our news and our free nfl expert picks. Meanwhile we will keep following what’s happening with Benjamin and what move he will make for his career now.