The Minnesota Twins Hand Miguel Sano an Extension

The slugger Miguel Sano commited his future to the Minnesota Twins, signing three year extension with the team. Let’s dive into the details in our daily mlb picks, shall we?

The deal between the Twins and Sano was agreed on Friday, the ESPN reports. The third baseman agreed to 3-years extension which also includes a team option for 2023. According to the numbers in the contract, Sano is going to be paid $27 million during the first three years. After this there is going to be included an option year at $14 million and a $3 million buyout.

Miguel Sano deserved his new contract after a very good 2019 season during which he managed to bat .247/.346/.576 and make 34 home runs in 105 matches played. He helped the Twins to win the division, so now they are paying him back.

Although Miguel Sano have been a third baseman in the majority of his career, the fact that he’s net negative at this position could lead to him being moved to another position. This would be especially likely if the Twins manage to sign free agent and third baseman Josh Donaldson. The talks with Donaldson are progressing and his move to Minnesota could be announced pretty soon.

The health problems he had is the only thing which could worry the Twins about Miguel Sano. As we know he never plays more than 116 games during a season, mainly because of injuries in the lower half. We remind you that in 2019 Sano made his debut in May because of an injury in the heel. He’s a very capable player indeed, but that’s some food for thought here.

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