The Red Sox sign two-year contract deal with Andrew Benintendi

The Boston Red Sox avoided arbitration by signing new two years deal with left fielder Andrew Benintendi. According to sources, Benintendi’s new deal is worth $10 million in total. For more news from the MLB and some mlb picks be sure to keep following us.

Nobody can argue that the 25-years old Andrew Benintendi produced some impressive numbers for the Red Sox since his professional debut in 2016. So far in his career he made 51 home runs and recorded 52 steals. In 2018 he produced his best season so far with .830 OPS, 16 homers and 21 steals, which helped his team to win the World Series.

In the last three seasons Andrew Benintendi was the Red Sox starting left fielder and he did pretty well in defense, also having more assists than all other outfielders. The fans won’t forget his spectacular catch during Game 4 of the 2018 ALCS against the Astros.

In other news: the San Diego Padres acquired the services of the reliever Emilio Pagan from the Rays. It’s an exchange deal and in return the Rays will sign with the center fielder Manuel Margot and the catcher/outfielder Logan Driscoll. It was officially confirmed by both teams.

Emilio Pagan is one of the players who enjoyed a breakout season in 2019. He managed to post a 2.31 ERA and finished the campaign with a 36 percent strikeout rate, which was impressive. The San Diego Padres are going to be Pagan’s fourth team so far after the Mariners, the Athletics and the Rays.

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