The Top 5 free agents in the MLB right now

At a moment when the options and the opt-outs in the MLB look already decided, it’s a very good time to make an update to our list of the best free agents in the league right now. Because there are some significant names on this list. Let’s discuss it while we work tiredless to prepare some daily mlb picks for you.

J.T. Realmuto

Nobody who watches the MLB closely would argue that big-time backdrops are still highly valued. Just take a look at Yasmani Grandal and his $73 million deal with the White Sox. J.T. Realmuto remains an exciting talent – not just offensively, but defensively as well.

Trevor Bauer

Even his haters won’t disagree to this: Trevor Bauer managed to take his spin to just another level during the year. Statistics are proving it – he was one of the best pitchers in the MLB. He has a policy to sign just one-year deals, so let’s what he’s going to decide this time.

George Springer

Because of his age and injury history, most probably George Springer can’t really hope for the best deal of his life. One thing can’t be denied, though – Springer finished the shortened season in an impressive way. He remains a valuable asset to have in your team.

DJ LeMahieu

In 2019 DJ LeMahieu signed a $24 million deal with the Yankees. With a combined .922 OPS he proved why it was a wise decision by the Yankees to acquire him. Mahieu remains a player who still provides high and hard contact. He won’t be lacking any offers during the free agency.

Marcell Ozuna

Many people were sceptical when Ozuna turned down the Reds’ offer in order to sign a one-year contract in Atlanta. How he responded? With a terrific season and amazing performance. There’s probably no other player at the market who is a bigger pure bat than him.

These are our daily mlb picks and our Top 5 list of free agents in the MLB at the moment. What are your picks?