The Tunnel System – a really clever way to bet on the NBA

Look, we are going to be pretty honest with you – in most of the time, the bookmakers know what they are doing and they are doing enough to make sure that they are in a better position than you. But sometimes, there are some sweet tricks you can be using against them. In our nba picks today we are going to discuss the so called Tunnel System – a really clever system you can try for your next NBA bets.

What exactly is the Tunnel System? Explained in the most simple way, this is a really clever way to use the fact that the different bookmakers are always competing against each other. This competitions leads to situations when the bookmakers are offering us different game totals, while they are also offering us the same odds.

Let us give you an example. Let’s say that the LA Lakers are playing against the Golden State Warriors. You take a look at one of the bookmakers and it is offering a game total of 216 points, while some other bookmakers offer us a game total of 213 points. In both of th cases, the Warriors are nine-point favourites to clinch the win.

How you are using the Tunnel System? You’re betting the under (which is 213) at one of the bookmakers, while also betting the over (which is 216) at the other one. In this case, if the final combined score of the game is 214 or 215, then congrats – you win both of the bets. And if it’s outside of the “tunnel” which you just created, then you’re winning one of them. Still not bad, right?

In order to enjoy the best fruits of the Tunnel System, you have to be winning both of your bets in around of 10% of the time. And if you do it right, this percentage could be much higher. Which would lead to better profits, of course.

This is our info about the Tunnel System, which you can use in your NBA bets. It’s a pretty good system, so we advice you to give it a try. For more of this stay put with our nba picks today.