Three perfect options for Detroit Lions’ next coach

It finally happened – the Detroit Lions decided to part ways with Matt Patricia, sacking him alongside with the general manager Bob Quinn. This didn’t surprise us very much, of course. The Lions are not doing well this season and so far they are 4-7 in the league. Patricia and Quinn got fired after the 25-41 loss to the Texans in the last match. But who could replace Matt Patricia as a head coach? In our free nfl expert picks we will show you three perfect options for this.

Eric Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy is the current offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs, but almost every NFL fan would agree – it’s the perfect time for him to be a head coach somewhere. Bieniemy turned the City Chiefs into majestic force in the offensive aspect of the game and he deserves praise for this. We believe he’s ready for the next step.

Brian Daboll

At this moment Brian Daboll is part of the coaching staff at the Buffalo Bills and he’s doing a wonderful job as an offensive coordinator. The Bills signed him for the position in 2018 and they are more than satisfied with his work so far. If you don’t believe this, look at the stats – the Bills are scoring 27.2 points per game.

Joe Brady

Some might say that Joe Brady is still not experienced enough to be a head coach, but seeing young head coaches happens more and more often. Which is pretty great, we believe. Right now Brady is serving as OC for the Carolina Panthers and he’s already showing his huge potential. He’s just 31-years old, but he looks more than ready for the next step.

These are three of the best options for next head coach of the Detroit Lions. The franchise is up for a difficult decision, so we wish them good luck. Meanwhile keep following us for some more free nfl expert picks.