Underdogs early in the season – a great MLB strategy to try

In our mlb picks today we are going once again to discuss the idea of betting on baseball in the MLB. We are going to offer you a great strategy, which involves betting on the underdogs – something which usually provides a pretty great ROI.

The first two monts of the MLB season are the best time to bet on underdogs. The reason is that all of the teams are in the mix and bookmakers don’t know them very good just yet. This is why they are usually giving the underdogs much bigger odds than they should, because they are still not able to determine their potential right.

The statistics are saying that in April and May it’s a pretty normal thing to see a team with a losing record to win against a team with a winning record on the road. According to the statistics we have found, in the last decade underdogs in this particular scenario have won in 48% of the time. Which is a huge number. When you consider that the average odds for these matches was +123.2 and the ROI was over 7%, then you should do the math and see that it is a pretty good system to use.

In this case we are once again going to advice you to eliminate all games with lines higher than +150. We understand that the temptation for you to try such a game and enjoy huge profits is big, but according to the stats, matches like these are rarely successful for the underdogs.

Another important tip we can give you is to avoid betting against teams with a Top 20 pitcher. One of the things you must do before betting is to identify the pitcher you’re going to put your money against.

That’s our mlb picks info about betting on the underdogs for today. We wish you good luck, pals.